Hot Weather

Summer is on the way, which means the rabbits need a cool space to relax since they have on constant fur coats. Water is constantly being refreshed and the air conditioner is blasting. The rabbits are spending a lot of their time under my bed, don’t worry it bunny proofed, where it is dark. Petunia occasionally likes being on the hardwood floor. She even likes it in the winter time. She also likes hopping on the tile in the kitchen during the times that I let her go out there. Fur babies can get very hot during the summer, so please give the little loves a cool place to chill out during the hot weather.

Most important, happy summer!


Exercising with rabbits in the room

Occasionally, I enjoy doing yoga in my bedroom/rabbit area. Since the bunnies and I share the same space, they are allowed to watch me do my yoga. Both bunnies are very interested in what I am doing. Russell loves running on the blanket I put down, I can not use a yoga mat because Russell attempts to destroy it. Petunia, my shy bunny, will even come over and nudge me to see what I am doing. I like to imagine they are joining me in a sense but since Russell typically just wants me to pet him during the whole yoga video, I may be wrong.

Grooming the Bunnies

This week, I decided to attempt to reduce the amount of shedding by constantly grooming both rabbits. This is something that they naturally do not enjoy, especially since they hate being touched. I knew it was necessary and wanted to make it happen as soon as possible. Long story short, both rabbits did pretty well with some long periods of brushing which helped with getting rid of a lot of the loose fur that they have due to shedding. Part two of the grooming was nails which as you could guess did not go well. Instead of cutting the nails, I tried filing as the bunnies may be more comfortable with this. Ultimately it was a fail and I will be trying again over the weekend…

Shedding Season

Every few months, the fur babies start losing some of their fur. This process is known as shedding and it can be quite the challenge to deal with when the rabbits hate being brushed. Lately, I have been trying to brush them while they are distracted. This helps them not have to think about how much they hate being brushed and allows me to get some of the loose clumps of fur out of the way. Not only do I not want them ingesting their loose fur particles, it is making a mess in the apartment. There is flying fur everywhere and we can all benefit from the bunnies being brushed. Hopefully the shedding will be finished in a few weeks and the bunnies can go back to being brushed every few days.

Cutting Rabbit Nails

Although there are many great times I have with my rabbits, there are also some challenges. The biggest obstacle I have been faced with is cutting their nails. A few years ago, I adopted my rabbits and knew that they were quite anxious. They do not like being picked up and prefer their own space which can make it difficult when I need to cut their nails. I have tried many methods, the most successful one being the vet. I would have to get the rabbits in their carrier which was also a struggle. After doing this many times, it became more and more exhausting. I am now at the point where I would like to cut the rabbits nails in their own home. I will try to start with filing their nails as it is easier than cutting. Any tips are recommended.

Meet Petunia

Petunia is the first rabbit I adopted quite a few years ago. When I first got her, she had her own living space in my bedroom but had the option to explore the room. After a long week, she made herself comfortable and from there has been the boss. She is a sassy lion head/ Dutch mix and looks exactly like the two rabbit breeds combined. She is not afraid to express exactly how she is feeling. Although she is not the friendliest rabbit in the whole world, she is the sweetest animal I have ever met and could not imagine my life without her.

Meet Russell

Russell is my four year old Dutch mix rabbit that I adopted from the MSPCA about three years ago. The color of his fur is dark brown with white spots on part of his mouth and paws. They explained to me that he was adopted then brought back to the shelter. When he was first brought home, he was sky and kept to himself but grew to love his new environment. I have learned through the years that he is quite rambunctious and loves exploring. He loves jumping on the bed and waking me up throughout the night. Russell has taught me a lot about being a rabbit owner and I’m positive he will continue to teach me more.